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Babysassi Shampoo & Bath Set 700ml x 2

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RM 250.00
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RM 250.00
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RM 272.00
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SGS 72 Hrs Allergy Tested | ERH Safe & Non-Toxic Skincare
SGS 72 Hrs Allergy Tested

100% Organic with EcoCert


Gentle to the skin and eco-friendly to the earth. Do not contain harmful ingredient that contaminate the water with safe-to-use and eco-friendly cute cartoon packaging. Making your children look forward to having a good bathe! Comfort to the skin and soothing with Vitamin E & Mulberry Extracts. 99.9% Anti-bacteria while moisture to the skin.

Suitable Skin Type: All Skin Type even new-born infants.

Please note the difference between boy/girl is the color of the packaging.