Tenart Biotech Limited Signs Contract with Malaysian Distributor to Expand Overseas SPA Market This Year

Tenart Biotech Limited Signs Contract with Malaysian Distributor to Expand Overseas SPA Market This Year

Tenart Biotech Limited has successfully placed its ERH series products in Aeon Glam Beauty and the beauty department of Aeon Departmental Store in the Malaysian market. Recently, Tenart Biotech Limited signed a contract with ERH Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian distributor, to solidify their strategic partnership. This year, they plan to expand by opening more SPA beauty stores in other Malaysian states and cities, and they are inviting partners and distributors to join the ERH family.

十藝生技總經理宋美蒔(右)與馬來西亞代理商ERH Marketing (M) S...Tenart Biotech Limited's General Manager, Dr. Michelle Sung (right), and Esther, the person in charge of ERH Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian distributor, signed the contract. They will be aggressively entering the Malaysian department store and SPA market. Provided by Tenart Biotech Limited

With a favorable demographic and economic boom, Malaysia has become a significant market for cosmetics. Statistics show that the Malaysian beauty industry has recovered from the 2021 market slump. In the past two years, with the easing of the pandemic, consumer demand has begun to steadily rise again. There's a high demand for moisturizing and natural green cosmetics. Tenart Biotech Limited's ERH brand, known for its green and environmentally friendly image and high-moisturizing function, has been well-received by Malaysian consumers, and the market is experiencing steady growth.

"To succeed in the local market, it's crucial to be grounded," says Tenart. Their success in penetrating the Malaysian market is attributed to their collaboration with the local distributor, ERH Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd.  In addition to the existing physical sales locations in West Malaysia (ERH Skincare Boutique Salon Metro Prima Kepong, ERH Skincare Boutique @ Aeon 1 Utama) and East Malaysia (ERH Skin & Scalp Care Boutique Salon), they've also partnered with ten beauty chain stores in Johor, South Malaysia. They plan to launch a recruitment program (zhaoshang jihua) in other regions, aiming to reach 100合作厂商 (hezuo gongchang) by the end of the year.

Dr. Michelle Sung observes that, driven by the green trend, Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country, has a high acceptance of organic and non-toxic skincare products. Tenart's sub-brands are certified by the European Union.  Product advantages and brand strength have been key factors in Tenart's successful entry into the Malaysian market.  Especially appealing to Malaysia's rising new generation, Tenart's focus on green fashion and technological innovation has captured the hearts of these young consumers.

馬來西亞代理商ERH Marketing (M) Sdn bhd負責人Esthe...
Esther, the person in charge of ERH Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian distributor. Provided by Tenart Biotech Limited

"You can't fight a new era war with old technology," says Tenart. With 16 years in business, Tenart Bio understands this new market requires new approaches and innovative thinking.  From brand development and talent training to industry ecology, Tenart has continuously innovated and upgraded.  Having established a strong position in the domestic green cosmetics market, Tenart is now using its southward development strategy to cultivate related startups, providing them with the necessary technical support to build a strong foundation for green cosmetics innovation.

The main purpose of signing the contract with the distributor ERH Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd this time is to strengthen the market strategic relationship between the two parties. This collaboration will encompass online marketing efforts, internet presence, establishing physical beauty stores and department store counters, implementing advertising and publicity campaigns, and market promotion activities, all with the goal of creating long-term market benefits.

Online sales platform/ERH official website: https://www.erhskincare.com