Winter Skin Problems – Dehydration! Effective moisturizer recommendation, brings you a perfect overnight repair.

Winter Skin Problems – Dehydration! Effective moisturizer recommendation, brings you a perfect overnight repair.

As winter arrives, skin starts to crack, peel, become rough, unbearably dry and itchy, especially when dry skin is deficient of oil & moisture, it gets taut feeling and uncomfortable after cleansing! Even with Hyaluronic Acid, you won’t feel the true suppleness, instead, Ceramide can reduce loss of moisture and shea butter helps to nourish and repair your skin. Let’s fight against dry skin, and keep skin moisturized and radiant with the recommended skincare for dry skin!

Reasons behind Dry Skin

Dry skin in winter is a common issue. Whenever winter arrives, we think of moisturizing, “moisturizing” is explained in terms of skin theory, which simply means to maintain the skin’s water retention capacity. It’s important to find ways to increase the moisture of skin during the crisp and cold seasons and slow down the loss of moisture, thereby ameliorate skin dryness. The moisturizing effect always starts from the basic “skin barrier”, which is the stratum corneum of the outermost layer of epidermis skin. It is composed of sebum and lipid cells secreted by the skin, it helps to lock moisture and prevent loss of moisture. Once damaged, it can easily cause skin dryness and sensitivity.

There are many reasons that can damage the skin barrier and cause skin dryness, which can be mainly divided into “external” and “internal” factors, and the external factors are mostly easy to detect and can be obvious from the dryness of the skin, including:

 External Factors of Skin Dryness 1: Over Cleansed

Our skin really isn’t that dirty and does not need a strong cleanser, some powerful facial cleansers and soaps may over cleanse too much of lipids and destroyed epidermal sebum membrane, which leads to accelerate moisture loss, leaving the skin dry, taut, and even peeling after washing, thereby we recommended purchasing gentle and low irritation facial cleansers to keep the natural skin barrier healthy while cleansing.

 External Factors of Skin Dryness 2: Dry Climate

The changes in weather, ambient temperature, and humidity can also affect the skin condition. The secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands will be reduced when the weather is cold and humidity is low. Especially skin gets dry easily during autumn and winter, applying moisturizer at the right time helps to lock moisture and relieve the discomfort of dry itchiness.

External Factors of Skin Dryness 3: High Water Temperature

Washing your face and showering with high water temperature can easily irritate the skin. Then, it will affect the skin’s protective membrane, and the loss of natural sebaceous leads to dryness. Hence, it is recommended to ideally maintain the temperature between 25 to 30 Celcius, and applying moisturizer right after cleansing can help to repair the skin.

The internal factors is from within our body, for example:

Internal Factors of Skin Dryness 1: Lifestyle & Habits

Irregular work & rest, unbalanced diet, fatigue, stress etc, lack of rest not only affects health but also causes the skin to appear dry, rough, peeling, and other problems, so beauty sleep is extremely important to us.

Internal Factors of Skin Dryness 2: Hormones and age

As we grow older, our sebaceous oil secretion decreases. Here’s why mature skin needs more moisturizing skincare products than youth skin to improve the disturbances of dryness and dehydration. In addition, endocrine changes will also cause changes in skin texture, such as hormonal adjustment during pregnancy.

Internal Factors of Skin Dryness 3: Illnesses or medications

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Some diseases or specialty medicines, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, eczema, dermatitis and more, these illnesses may have the side effect of dry skin.

Dry skin upkeep Rules

Dry skin needs relatively greater moisturization than other skin types, and its sebum membrane is also relatively fragile. Therefore, it is so important to treat your skin gently and kindly. Using mild and effective moisturizers helps to relieve skin dryness and irritation. You must make great efforts in your daily maintenance to achieve long-term healthy and balanced skin.

Dry skin upkeep rule no.1: Nutritional balance

Daily replenishment with sufficient nutrients and hydration is also a great solution to maintain the skin barrier and moisture loss prevention since healthy skin is closely associated with the body. Besides, moderate intake of healthy oils and fats such as nuts, avocados, etc.

 Dry skin upkeep rule no.2: Moisturize moderately

After facial wash, can apply moisturizer when the face is lightly moist, this can speed up skincare ingredients absorption, after applying cosmetic lotion or serum, remember to apply moisturizer as well, oil containing skincare products like essential oil, emulsion, or cream, is helpful to repair skin texture, lubricate, nourish, moisturize, in order to retain skin moisture & trap moisture effects.

Dry skin upkeep rule no.3: The right product

Mild and effective must be prioritized in your daily moisturizing skincare products, minimize all the potentially harmful ingredients, and only provide needed and helpful nutrients to your skin, like Ceramide, Shea Butter cream, Jojoba oil, Amino Acids, Vitamin B3, etc, which are the best moisturizing and repairing components. If you want to achieve anti-aging, firming, and anti-fine lines simultaneously, pairing with Bakuchiol and Retinol can bring you excellent effectiveness.

Dry skin upkeep rule no.4: Environmental adjustment

As mentioned in the oily skincare article, the rising temperature will induce the skin sebaceous secretion increases. (Read more: Does oily skin need moisture? Against acne and pimples: balancing is important) The most liable cause of skin dryness and dehydration is staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time in summer or the lower temperature in autumn and winter. That’s why makeup doesn’t last and flakes in the air-conditioned room. Besides, in addition to enhancing the moisturizing effect, you can also adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, or place a glass of water on the table to increase humidity to avoid skin dryness.

Moisturizer Recommendation

Intensive Ceramide Oil Emulsion

Ceramide, an excellent skin-friendliness star ingredient, nourishes the skin comprehensively and rapidly repairs dryness of the skin with 4 high concentrations. Meanwhile, added the German-patented Evonik ingredients to repair the skin barrier, maintain a healthy sebum membrane, and improve fine lines, dryness and itches, and discomfort of sensitivity. Achieved a premium moisturizing effect and restored the skin’s suppleness and plumpness.

Premium 24hr Youth Renewing Cream

It is used in the last step of the skincare routine, adding tons of active ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin B5, Syn-Ake, and more to perfectly lock in skin moisture and essence. Promotes intensive skin nourishment when using it at night; High concentration of Fullerene to enhance dullness and roughness; Absorbable cream texture; High performance in moisturizing effectiveness. It leaves you waking up feeling your skin is hydrated and smooth, especially recommended to dry, sensitive and premature aging skin.

Retinol approved by “USFDA” is the first choice for further enhanced skincare!

Double Retinol: 1.5% Retinol + 1.5% Bakuchiol Serum

To target aging skin, dullness, lack of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and pimples, etc. ERH Laboratory has researched and developed an exclusive formula, which is matching with the exquisite coating technology of high-tech and high-active double Retinol and fused Bakuchiol with PRO embedding technology. It is able to reduce the irritation of double Retinol in the marketplace.

As for dry skin, once Retinol is absorbed can be put on moisturizing products like hyaluronic acid, amino acid, ceramide, shea butter, etc. After all, no more worries about delaying skin aging and restoring moisture and luster to the skin!