What should I do if my face is oily? Look here from the fundamental solution to the oily skin problem!

What should I do if my face is oily? Look here from the fundamental solution to the oily skin problem!

Everyone's skin condition is different, and the degree of sebaceous gland secretion will be different, such as combination skin or oily skin, it is easier to have facial oily problems than normal or dry skin, so maintenance.

The method will be different!

What should I do if my face is oily?

Many people have oily skin problems on the face. In addition to being more obvious in hot summer, the greasy feeling just after waking up or after exercise often makes people feel uncomfortable. It is more obvious in men with strong sebaceous gland secretion. When the oily face is serious, if skin care is neglected, it is very likely that pores will be clogged and acne or pimples will be formed. So how to control the oily face? This article will take you to understand the main causes of oily face and the subsequent methods of regulating skin quality, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of oily face.

What are the main causes of oily face?

The first reason for oily face: strong secretion of sebaceous glands

The secretion of sebaceous glands is the biggest key to affecting the oil production of the face, and there are many factors that affect the secretion of sebaceous glands, such as eating habits, daily routines, innate skin quality and even weather changes.


The second reason for the oily face : the skin is oily on the outside and dry on the inside

Under the condition of normal sebaceous gland secretion, the skin will not produce oil at will. In many cases, it is because of excessive cleansing of the skin, which leads to thinning and damage of the stratum corneum of the face, and the decrease of water retention of the skin, resulting in oil on the outside and dryness on the inside. skin condition.


What are the ways to improve the oily face?

How to control the oil on the face so that the skin can achieve the best condition? Everyone's skin condition is different and there will be different conditioning methods. You can do a simple self-examination through the content below. However, if the sebum secretion is excessive and severe acne occurs, it is recommended to go to the dermatology department first to ask for the assistance of a professional doctor.


Improvement method for oily face 1: maintain a good life routine

Maintain a good life schedule and try to avoid staying up late to sleep. Staying up late will easily cause the sebaceous glands to secrete too much oil, and the face will be full of oil after getting up the next day.


Method 2 to improve facial oiliness : Eat a balanced diet and eat less fried sweets

If you often eat fried foods and sweets in your diet, it is easy to make the sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, resulting in oily face and acne acne problems. It is recommended to consume foods with high nutritional value to increase satiety and reduce intake of fried foods , Snack desire.


The third way to improve the oily face : avoid excessive exfoliation and clean the skin

When you wash your face too frequently or have the habit of exfoliating every two days, it is likely to damage the stratum corneum of the skin, especially frequent exfoliation. The thinning of the stratum corneum will accelerate the loss of water, and the sebaceous glands will not be reduced. The secretion of oil becomes a condition of outer oil and inner dryness.


The fourth way to improve the oily face: correct maintenance and conditioning of the skin

The skin itself is oily and prone to acne. You can use ERH 's 20% Mandelic Acid Peeling and Whitening Essence to gently rejuvenate the face. By slowly metabolizing the keratin, the skin's oil-water balance can be achieved; If the cuticle is damaged, you can choose essence oil to protect the damaged cuticle. ERH ’s small green bottle absolute repair and moisturizing essence oil is a very good choice. It contains ceramide ingredients that can strengthen the skin’s water retention, Prevent moisture loss, can give the skin the perfect repair and nourishment.


It is actually not difficult to regulate the condition of the skin. As long as you understand the cause and then choose the maintenance methods and products that suit you, the skin can reach a stable state!