Is the mandelic acid used for peeling from bitter almonds or sweet almonds?

Is the mandelic acid used for peeling from bitter almonds or sweet almonds?

The mandelic acid ingredient used in “ERH 20% Mandelic Acid Skin Brightening Serum” is extracted from bitter almonds, which are actually different from the almonds we usually eat!


Why does “20% Mandelic Acid Skin Brightening Serum” use bitter almonds?


As sweet almonds are mainly consumed as food, their use in traditional Chinese medicine is mostly focused on moistening the lungs, calming asthma, and treating coughs and constipation. Bitter almonds, meanwhile, are more useful in beauty care. Oil from bitter almonds can soften keratin and moisturize dry skin. If hydrolyzed by enzymes, it can also inhibit tyrosinase in the body, which means it can help eliminate skin problems such as pigmentation, dark spots, and freckles. In addition, bitter almonds have also been proven to have a bactericidal effect!


  1. Distinguishing sweet almonds from bitter almonds by appearance


In appearance, bitter almonds are flatter and slightly heart-shaped with a reddish brown or dark brown seed skin; sweet almonds are thicker, with a light yellowish brown seed skin.


  1. What is the difference between mandelic acid and general alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)?


Mandelic acid is currently the only lipophilic AHA; therefore it has better skin penetration and affinity without the irritation problems of general AHA. Moreover, mandelic acid has a unique chemical structure that gives it excellent anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Why is the concentration of ERH mandelic acid 20%?


Currently, the maximum concentration of mandelic acid for home use announced by Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare is 20%; therefore, 20% is the highest level available for DIY peeling products for use at home. This concentration is used because it can treat problem skin. For example, a 20% concentration of mandelic acid would be suitable for those with serious acne and pore problems. Once the skin is back to a healthy, stable condition, consumers can choose our Whitening Purifier for long-term conditioning!