How to get rid of Large Pores? Three methods to effectively shrink your pores

How to get rid of Large Pores? Three methods to effectively shrink your pores

Are you also troubled with acne and enlarged pores problems? With those numerous tiny dots visible on the face which can only be covered up with foundation.   Ever thought of solving this issue from the root cause and back to zero pores like baby skin?  There are many reasons behind the appearance of enlarged pores, such as excessive secretion of sebaceous oil, aging skin, accumulation of dead skin cell, etc, or over extraction, squeezing, improper skin care resulting in damaged skin.  In order to deal with your stubborn pores, knowing your types of pores is important, besides seeking help from medical aesthetics laser treatment, choosing the correct skin care products can also produce obvious improvements. 


What causes large pores?

Our face is covered with more than 20,000 pores, and many do not know that the pores are like skin type, also separated into different types of condition and pores types.  Understanding what kind of pores you have is the start to solving the problem and target the cause of these issues. Only we are able to improve this long-term skin problem.


Now let’s do some simple assessment to check which types of pores you have!


Dry dehydrated large pores (U-shaped Pores)

Compared to oily and combination skin types, dry skin types individuals easily suffer from dehydration, insufficient moisture, fine lines and flaky sensitive skin and weaken skin barrier causing dead skin cells unable to shed off naturally.  Moreover the stratum corneum layer (surface skin cell layer) neither have sufficient hydration nor sebum to nourish the skin, thus the skin look rough and dull, decreased elasticity, subsequently causing the skin collagen and elastic fibre damaged and even deformed, once these support are lost, the pores definitely looks enlarged.

When dehydrated areas of the face begin producing extra sebum in attempts to lubricate and moisturize the skin, it increases the chances of developing clogged pores. This can make already large pores appear even larger as they expand with oil and other debris.


Oily skin type large pores (O-shaped Pores) Likely to be seen around T-zone area

Those with excessive sebum production are more likely to develop enlarged pores and commonly have higher chances of developing clogged pores causing acne and breakout.   This makes already large pores appear even larger as they expand with oil and other debris.  As these build-ups accumulate, they oxidize, harden and become comedones known as whiteheads and blackheads, as they grow more and more, long term leading to more enlarged pores. 


Aging type big & rough hair pores (Y-shaped Pores) 

As we grow older, with irregular lifestyle and habits, frequent exposure to UV light without proper sun protection, improper facial wash, often squeezing and extraction puts a lot of pressure and damage on skin.  These not only damage our skin collagen, accelerate skin aging and sagging, as our skin cells’ natural life cycle deteriorates.  Moreover with gravity loss and weakening skin elastin fibers, with age, skin unable to pull back tightly, thence our skin shows 

Gravity loss and weakening of the elastin fibers. In your younger years when the skin is firm and taut, large pores won’t be very noticeable due to the tightness of the skin. With age, the skin isn’t pulled back as tightly so the pores appear larger because they indent further into the skin.


What to do with big & rough hair pores?


Once identified the type of big & rough hair pores, we can find the respective improvement approach, there are great numbers of hair pores shrinking products in the market, but the crucial effective factors are remained in the skincare ingredients and their correct usage.


Shrinking hair pores, effective element 1: Gentle cleanse

Facial cleanse is a major condition, wearing face mask regularly, coming into contact with external environmental pollution, cosmetic materials, etc, it is essential to cleanse the face clean before skincare routine, use a gentle Amino Acid deep cleansing facial cream, a good formulation able to generate extremely fine emulsified mousse, thoroughly cleanse oily dirt from the hair pores surface, yet not removing water content from skin, even for the dry or sensitive skin, after using clear translucent cleansing cream, you can experience non-tautness and water soft comfort feel of your skin .


Shrinking hair pores, effective element 2: Acidic exfoliation

Mandelic Acid can promote skin cells natural cycle, moderate overactive sebaceous oil secretion, clear up hair pores, balance water & oil content, is recognized by dermatologist as a gentle exfoliant, besides able to improve big & rough hair pores, research show that 20% golden concentration facilitate easy pairing in daily skincare routine, manage skin problems, restore fair & translucent skin, fine sheeny gloss, tightening hair pores, is especially suitable for oily type big & rough hair pores.

Shrinking hair pores, effective element 3: Retinol skincare

Retinol is an excellent ingredient for anti-aging, hair pores shrinkage, suitable for various types of big & rough hair pores, irrespective of dry, oily or aging types hair pores, use in skincare routine at home can effectively penetrate into deep skin layer, works to preserve skin moisture, has lower irritation as compared to Retinoic Acid, so is gentler to skin, do not easily cause discomforting skin sensitisation, dermatologist 莊盈彥 commented that oily & acne prone skin can take Retinoic Acid medication, or apply Retinol to exfoliate, can help resolve problem of big & rough hair pores, can achieve excellent medical aesthetical effects, and among the daily skincare products , Retinol is surely a recommended skincare product!



Big & rough hair pores, Recommended skincare product


20% Mandelic Acid Whitening Serum

ERH professional research team formulated 20% perfect ratio of Mandelic Acid, aka bitter almond acid is lipophilic with gentle nature which is suitable for various skin types, though necessary to observe skin reaction in order to adjust the usage frequency, it can help to improve big & rough hair pores, acne, pimple problems, specially blended in Glycerin, a highly effective moisturizer, provide ease of mind & confident of use even in sensitive and dry skin, a skincare product suitable for everyone with trouble to improve keratinous conditioning, oily skin, acne or pimple problems, and is recommended to be part of your daily skincare routine. 


Double A Retinol, 1.5% Bakuchiol + 1.5% Retinol Solution – New Born Elasticity Solution / Serum

ERH Youthful Lab conducted more than100 experimental research and development tests, to finally launch exclusive Double A Retinol formulation, it is not like the many usual Retinol skincare products in the market, is using the plant-based Retinol Bakuchiol, to blend in with Retinol through latest encapsulation technique, effectively elevate Retinol stability and high efficacy, at the same time reduce skin irritation, let the skin experience more comfort during use, bring about gentler tightening effect.


Big & rough hair pores problem is not merely of one reason, besides hereditary or genetic skin conditions, it can easily change in response to hormonal imbalance, work & rest habits, eating habits, stress, external environment and weather changes, therefore besides long-term skin care upkeep, we also need to pay attention to daily living habits, in order to achieve overall hair pores tightening, fight against big & rough hair pores, restore beautiful smooth & brightening skin.