How often should you exfoliate your face? Facial exfoliation benefits skin with smooth and healthy look

How often should you exfoliate your face? Facial exfoliation benefits skin with smooth and healthy look

Feeling rough and grainy despite daily facial wash, how often should I exfoliate my face after all? To prevent big & rough hair pores, acne, pimple, many people exfoliate their faces regularly in the hope to achieve radiant glow effects, but what is the right facial exfoliation routine? how long should the interval be, application steps order, how to upkeep after exfoliation? This article will clarify these questions, along the way to recommend a gentle and effective exfoliant!

Why is it important to exfoliate your face?

Have you ever used a skincare product, with obvious visible effects initially, skin appear healthy, soft, radiant, but after continuous use for a period of time, it becoming less noticeable…

This is because of the skin cell natural life cycle, when the natural metabolic mechanism of the stratum corneum works normally, able to replace old and dead horny scales with new keratinocytes, pushes the healthy skin cells outward, cause the outer skin layer epidermis to be arranged neatly and tightly, enable epidermis to trap & lock up moisture within, facial exfoliation benefits and keeps skin healthy and moist, making skin feels soft and tender to touch, while metabolize melanin cell for radiant and confident glowing skin.


But with our work and rest lifestyle, temperature, body hormonal changes and other influences, stratum corneum layer starts to accumulate, excess oil from old and dead skin cell get stuck in hair pores, skin cell natural life cycle cannot function normally, causes skin not able to absorb nutrients from the skincare products, to the extent that stratum corneum thickened to form acne, once infected then it became pimple, it start to appear rough, dull, grainy conditions, It will also affect the absorption of subsequent skincare products usage.


Facial exfoliation routine

When the skincare products are harder to be absorbed than before, is a sign to clean up your stratum corneum layer, or the skin recently appear to look dull, waxy yellowish, rough texture, it is also a sign to remind you to exfoliate!

Facial exfoliation step 1: gentle clean

Before exfoliating your face, whether you use a scrubbing cream, granulated gel, or acidic exfoliant to upkeep, make sure to clean the skin thoroughly before use! in order to remove oil, dirt, cosmetic residual from the skin surface, so to allow exfoliant able to penetrate deeply, and to function effectively; however, when skin is weak and sensitive, together with acne, wound, please avoid using exfoliant skincare products.



Facial exfoliation step 2: Partially upkeep

The common facial exfoliation routine is through physical abrasive particles, thermal gel, Salicylic Acid, Mandelic Acid or other acidic skincare formulations, to shed off the dead skin cells, and have deep skin cleansing effect, therefore after exfoliation, the skin will inevitably become dry and tight, as for the dry skin type, if the skincare product is not gentle enough, it can easily cause skin agitation, so if you are of dry skin type, recommend to partially exfoliate instead of whole face, like for the T-shaped facial portions, i.e. the oily, acne-prone nose, forehead, and chin, to do deep exfoliation; even with the combination skin types though unstable, is also recommended to focus cleaning only on these T & U zone surface areas.


Facial exfoliation step 3: Convergence upkeep

After facial exfoliation, the skin will be slightly sensitive, so it needs more skin repair and supports, elevate skin defence to resist external agitation, help skin restore normal healthy skin barrier. Besides using cosmetic liquid, serum to moisturize the skin, also apply lotion, essential oil, cream to lock up moisture within, and also apply appropriate sunscreen to reduce UV light damage to the skin, prevent dark spots and blemishes.


How often should you exfoliate your face?

Exfoliation frequency depends on individual skin type and environmental changes, in Summer time the usage frequency is higher than Winter! It generally needs a few days interval, and continuous exfoliation is not recommended, for it can make skin sensitive.

The recommendation for combination skin and oily skin is to exfoliate 2 – 3 times per week, whereas normal, dry, and sensitive skin types should exfoliate once weekly or 1 – 2 times every 2 weeks.

Facial exfoliation product recommendation


20% Mandelic Acid White Emulsion

Mandelic Acid can facilitate the metabolic renewal of stratum corneum, while the 20% Mandelic Acid concentration was elaborately R&D by ERH to be the most beneficial product in a daily skincare routine. It is suitable for all skin types due to its lipophilic & mild properties, just pay attention to the skin condition to adjust the usage frequency, you’ll be able to achieve the effect of skincare upkeep at home, facial exfoliation, and improve the problems of enlarged pores, acne, pimple and more. It is a mild exfoliating ingredient recognized by dermatologists for everyone, allowing the skin to restore its translucent and delicacy luster.

Finally, irrespective of using acidic exfoliants to remove the dead skin cells, or after basic physical exfoliation, because UV light can easily cause skin damage, so must take to heart to protect your skin from sunlight! Especially 3 days after using exfoliating product, must diligently apply sunscreen, if you can please wear a hat and sunglasses, so that you will not get sunburned or sun tanned easily, to the extent of causing skin sensitivity problems!