ERH / Maskingdom Award Winning Product

ERH / Maskingdom Award Winning Product

Maskingdom organic facial cleansing flakes are the innovative products by TENART Biotech Limited, a professional cosmetic manufacturer with a strong R&D capacity. The whole process of production is strictly supervised to ensure the quality of products.

The product is water-soluble facial cleanser, which thoroughly cleanses skin and keeps it fresh, moisturized and smooth. It is rather mild and causes no irritation of skin, which makes it suitable for eyes and lips and all types of skins.

5 benefits of Maskingdom organic facial cleansing flake is,

1. ULTRA-THIN (only 0.01mm)

2. ULTRA-PURE (100% natural & organic)

3. ULTRA-GENTLE (pH between 5.5 & 6.0)

4. ULTRA-PORTABLE (pocket size)

5. ULTRA-FASHION (awesome craft)


Ten Arts Biotech: To create absolute difference with safety and non-toxic

To raise thegoodness butterfly effect by using care with purity

"Ten Arts Biotech" owns safe health beauty care products with GMP certification of Taiwan medicinal norms. It is the mother company of No. 1 boutique face mask brand, MasKingdom, world-renowned beauty care brand, ERH, and organic baby & mother care brand SASSI BABY. It owns product planning capabilities in professional skin care market for many years, to academic exchange regularly with domestic and foreign, it owns multi-national patent ingredients, and its performance has been across domestic and international (Asia, Japan and the United States). With the belief of "No added artificial flavors" and "Absolute safety", to enter international market, so that all domestic and overseas consumers can benefit from using its products. Currently, its merchandises have been successfully selling in 28 countries.

Michelle Sung, the founder of Tenart Biotech, created her first skincare brand “ERH” in 2007 to make safe, efficient and professional skincare products. ERH was the first Taiwanese cosmetics brand to pass the SGS 72 hours human application test. Michelle then founded the face mask brand MasKingdom, and the organic baby and mother care brand SASSI BABY in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

We obtained the European Union’s Organic Cosmetic ECOCERT certification and also Arabic Halal certification for our first product, and have since become a top brand in Asia for organic cosmetic products. To pass the certificate, more than 95% of the plant-based ingredients in the formula have to be approved organic, and our suppliers, their products, and our entire manufacturing process have been eco-certified. Our bottles are made of corn starch and are biodegradable, and our packaging is made using FSC certified paper. We strive for safe, sustainable, organic products.