Correct facial maintenance steps make the skin three times better! Boiled Egg Muscle Must-Learn Maintenance Rules

Correct facial maintenance steps make the skin three times better! Boiled Egg Muscle Must-Learn Maintenance Rules

The correct facial maintenance steps make the skin three times better! Boiled Egg Muscle Must-Learn Maintenance Rules

I bought skin care products and wanted to take good care of my skin, but because of the wrong maintenance sequence and usage method, not only the effect is not as good as expected, but the more I use it, the worse it gets? If you want to know how to take care of your skin, using effective facial care methods can achieve a better skin effect. In order to let you know, who are new to skin care understand, this article will take you to know the basic cleaning sequence and maintenance methods!


Facial maintenance method

Facial maintenance sequence one: makeup remover, cleansing

I often think that the first step of the three steps of skin care is to apply lotion, but in fact, the first step should start with washing the face and removing makeup! After being exposed to dust, total suspended particles, self-grease secretion, residual cosmetics, etc. caused by air pollution in the outside environment, if the face is not washed and removed, it is easy to develop acne, acne, roughness and dullness, and affect the appearance of skin. healthy skin. Therefore, before applying skin care products, you should make sure that the skin is clean before starting the maintenance steps, so as not to get twice the result with half the effort.

The sequence of facial cleansing is very simple. If you have applied makeup or sunscreen lotion, you should first use mild makeup remover products, such as cleansing wipes made of pure cotton, amino acid cleansing milk or cleansing oil, etc., to dissolve the makeup and remove it After exfoliating, wash your face with facial cleanser, and then you can go to the next step!


Facial maintenance sequence two: make-up water

According to the skin structure, the skin needs to maintain the moisture of the stratum corneum in order to achieve elastic and smooth skin condition, which means that it is very important to increase the moisture after washing the face and accelerate the absorption of subsequent skin care products! The main purpose of the lotion is to provide initial moisturizing to the skin, and temporarily moisten the cut in, so that the follow-up maintenance can be better spread and absorbed. Therefore, after cleansing the face, it is recommended to choose a mild and moisturizing lotion, avoid alcohol or acid ingredients, pat the face lightly, or apply a cotton pad, and press it on the face to smooth and soften the cutting of the skin in a gently circular motion. This step can open the penetration channel for the subsequent moisturizing ingredients, so that the maintenance essence can be used by the skin more completely.


Secondly, choose various effects according to the skin care needs, such as moisturizing, shrinking pores, whitening, anti-aging, soothing, etc. If you don’t have the habit of using lotion, it is also recommended to keep a moderate amount of water on your face after washing your face. Directly enter the maintenance steps of essence and essence oil, so as not to prevent the maintenance ingredients from being absorbed well.


Facial maintenance sequence three: essence, essence oil

This step is often regarded as the key to maintenance. For example, the top ampoule also belongs to this step. If the pre-maintenance lotion is an appetizer for waking up and warming up the skin, then the essence or oil with high concentration of essence is the main dish can intensively replenish the nutrients needed by the skin, and choose according to the needs of the skin. If the skin is prone to sensitivity, redness, dryness and other problems, you can choose mild and soothing essence or essence oil, or use " Partitioned maintenance", such as the T-zone is prone to oil, keratin accumulation, and acne breakouts, you can strengthen the repair of the parts that need to be adjusted, or partially whiten the spots.


Facial maintenance sequence four: lotion, cream

Since essences and essence oils are mostly water-phase essences, they are usually light in texture and easy to absorb, so they should be used before lotions and creams so that the skin can absorb them well. If the skin is not too dry, you can just apply the essence or oil to complete the maintenance, but if the skin is prone to dryness and peeling, it is recommended to apply a layer of lotion or cream after the moisturizing essence to prolong the moisturizing Effect.


The last step of maintenance: lotion and cream are the key to locking in moisture! Many people may skip this step because they don’t like the greasy feeling of lotions and creams, but in fact, as long as they choose light lotions and creams to help lock in water, they are very easy to absorb, clean and refreshing, like water gel cream It has a texture that oily skin will also like. At the same time, it can lock the essence and maintenance ingredients into the base to achieve an excellent skin care effect.


To put it simply, the texture of the cream is thicker and more moisturizing, and the oil content is relatively high, which is suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin and mature skin; while the texture of the lotion and water cream is lighter and refreshing, with less oil content and high water content , suitable for combination or oily skin, as well as young skin.

Skin care is different in the morning and evening.

If you want to maintain healthy and supple skin, don't apply skin care products directly on your face indiscriminately. This will not only have no effect, but may also cause other skin symptoms. In addition, not all skin care products need to be used in the morning and evening, and the facial maintenance steps taken during the day and night are also different, so you may wish to follow the following facial maintenance sequence to make your skin supple and healthy:


Morning facial maintenance sequence

Cleansing → Lotion → Essence → Emulsion/Cream → Sunscreen


When doing facial maintenance in the morning, you should wash your face with slightly cool water first to wash away excess sebum and dirt, and then use lotion to wake up the vitality of the skin, help the skin replenish water and soften cuticles, and keep the cuticles of the face moist, so that the subsequent essence can be more effective. It is easy to penetrate the bottom layer of the skin. Choose the essence that meets your needs. During the day, it is recommended to focus on moisturizing or oil control to help the skin improve its moisture. Inhibit the loss of moisture and nutrients, and finally apply sunscreen to slow down the spots, wrinkles, sagging, telangiectasia and other problems caused by photoaging, and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.


Night facial maintenance sequence

Cleansing → lotion → essence (or mask) → lotion/cream

In addition to cleaning at night, if you apply sunscreen, sunscreen or make-up, regardless of the intensity of the make-up, you must remove the make-up. Wash your face after removing the residual make-up and dirt on your face to avoid sebum and dirt from clogging pores and causing skin damage. Skin problems. Then you can use it according to the order of the day, but in the choice of essence, you can choose whitening, anti-aging, repairing or moisturizing products, and you can also apply a mask to strengthen maintenance. Rest at night to achieve better maintenance effect and reproduce Boiled egg gloss muscle.


The wrong way to take care of your skin.

It is common for many people to have the following behaviors during facial maintenance or cleansing, causing skin damage or even inflammation. If you have done one of the following things, please stop now!


  1. Excessive cleansing: When washing the face, the strength should be moderate, rubbing vigorously will not make it clean, the focus is on the gentle cleansing power of the facial cleanser, if the skin is pulled indiscriminately, it will hurt the skin instead, and there is no need to choose strong oil control products, It may cause excessive dryness and dehydration of the skin due to too strong cleansing power.
  2. Excessive pulling: When applying lotion, essence, essential oil or lotion, it is recommended to use a light push massage method, gently massage with fingertips, and enjoy the maintenance time to avoid skin damage.
  3. Wrong order: The reason why skin care products have to be followed correctly is because the molecular size will affect the absorption rate. If you apply the lotion after applying the oily cream first, it will reduce the absorption rate of the water phase skin care products, wasting Essential nutrition.


Fullerene night cream.

If after reading the above steps, you feel that maintenance is too troublesome, I recommend a can of lazy maintenance, a bottle of full-effect skin cream, which can be used safely in the morning and evening, and can also be used as a deep repair mask at night, gently caring for the skin , to reproduce supple and translucent.


Unlike other antioxidant ingredients, fullerene has restrictions or doubts about using it in the morning and evening. ERH’s 12-year-old exclusive formula is added with a high concentration of Nobel Prize-winning ingredient Fullerene C60 (fullerene) , which is not only highly stable Anti-aging, can resist ultraviolet light and resist free radicals, and the anti-oxidation effect can last for more than 11 hours. It is combined with nicotine amine, coenzyme Q10 and other anti-aging formulas to improve skin dullness and roughness in an all-round way, and it is clear and easy to absorb. The water-cream texture is suitable for long-term use. Regardless of whether it is used with maintenance steps , you can feel the multiple effects of tightening pores, brightening skin tone, repairing skin and smoothing fine lines after using it for a while.