Real Test of Acne Toner Efficacy: Acne, Oil Control, Acne Scars, and Pore Improvement - Remarkably Effective!

Real Test of Acne Toner Efficacy: Acne, Oil Control, Acne Scars, and Pore Improvement - Remarkably Effective!

As skincare technology continues to advance, acne toners have been highly praised for addressing skin acne and pore issues. They not only have deep cleansing effects but also effectively reduce pore size and diminish acne blemishes. Especially recommended for those looking to improve acne, balance oil production, reduce acne scars, and refine pores, if you haven't tried it yet or are still considering, this article will help you understand the efficacy of acne toners, allowing your skin to be rejuvenated with just one bottle, restoring its radiance.


The Efficacy of Acne Toner:

As acne, oil control, acne scars, and pore-related issues affect an increasing number of people, acne toners have become one of the solutions due to their unique formulas and multiple benefits.


1. Acne Improvement

Containing active probiotics extracted from Trikenol Plus, it is rich in polyphenols that help balance the skin, regulate sebum, and keep pores clear, reducing disturbances and preventing pore blockages. It effectively soothes acne-prone skin while its deep cleansing effect swiftly removes oil and keratin from pores, preventing acne formation and maintaining clean and healthy skin.

2. Oil Control

The regulating ingredients in acne toners can balance sebum secretion, effectively controlling excess oil. Beauté by Roquette® SA 130 succinic acid helps cleanse pores, balance oil and water, soothe the skin, and replenish moisture. It dissolves acne and refines pores, reducing oily skin problems and improving the T-zone's shine, leaving the skin fresh and non-greasy.

3. Improvement of Acne Scars and Melanin

Derived from Australian Lime Pearl™ AF, also known as golden peel lime, it is rich in fruit acids, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and natural glucose. It accelerates the metabolism of dead skin cells, improving acne scars and melanin deposition issues, increasing skin brightness, fading acne scars, and brightening skin tone, resulting in even, radiant skin.

4. Pore Refinement

Trikenol Plus is a plant-derived active probiotic rich in polyphenols that help balance skin health, regulate sebum, and purify pores. When pores are clean, they naturally appear smaller, making the skin look tighter. It also prevents the accumulation of oil in pores and reduces acne formation.

5. Improvement in Acne Quantity

Extracted from Korean acacia honey, Bio Honey Acids contain more glucose due to its unique sweetness and low water content. Through biochemical technology, it retains the nutrients of honey and increases the content of natural PHA gluconic acid, effectively and gently promoting exfoliation and increasing keratin renewal. It also increases the expression of HAS-3 (hyaluronic acid synthase-3) and AQP-3 (aquaporin-3), significantly improving acne problems and reducing acne quantity. It is designed for gentle exfoliation and moisturizing brightening.

6. Even Skin Tone and Reduction of Skin Redness

Acne toners are specially formulated with Seven Soothing Plant Extracts, a patented Korean ingredient that helps reduce redness in sensitive skin while providing excellent moisturizing and brightening effects, helping to even out skin tone and overall skin health.

In clinical tests commissioned by Ten Art Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the satisfaction rate for acne control reached 70%!

ERH Ultra Reset Exfoliating Treatment not only serve as effective aids in addressing acne problems but also excel in various aspects, providing comprehensive care for the skin. Using acne toners correctly can effectively improve skin problems, bringing freshness and health to the skin.

This clinical study was commissioned by Ten Art Biotechnology Co., Ltd., to evaluate the efficacy of 81500561 (Formula code) in acne control. All research procedures adhere to medical research ethics principles and comply with the World Medical Association (WMA) Helsinki Declaration.